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Reschedule Rejected Quantities

Stuck with rejected quantities? Reschedule with accuracy and simplicity

Step by Step Guide

  1. From the purchase order summary page, click on the delivery schedule of the item for which delivery needs to be rescheduled for the rejected quantity.⁠
  2. The delivery schedule popup opens. Click on reschedule.⁠
  3. Now add the rejected quantity to an existing delivery or add a new delivery for the rejected units. Make sure that the total quantity does not exceed the original quantity plus the total rejected quantity.⁠
  4. Click confirm.


How can I reschedule rejected quantities for a PO?

From the PO Summary page, click under the Delivery Schedule column to reschedule rejected quantities for a specific item. Make sure that the inputted amount does not exceed the remaining quantity + unallocated rejected quantity.

Why is the confirm button disabled for delivery schedule of a purchase order item?

Delivery schedule updates cannot be confirmed if the total quantity exceeds the existing quantity + rejected quantities on hold.



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