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Source-to-pay solution with holistic insights to optimize direct materials spend

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Save up to 31% on goods purchased across your organization

Negotiate better

Leverage dynamic and historic insights to negotiate with suppliers using key performance metrics

Find better suppliers

Discover new suppliers who offer competitive pricing and are certified to your quality requirements

Reduce unauthorized spend

Increase volume to preferred suppliers by 80% by limiting maverick spend and maintaining organization-wide transparency

Usability & Governance

Automated approval requests and intuitive user interface to improve user experience

Improve compliance

Automate approval requests and curtail excess spend by up to 50%

Facilitate ease

Adopt an intuitive, user-friendly interface that does not require complex trainings

Increase visibility

Prevent errors with the help of proactive, customized insights


Optimize the end-to-end source to pay journey via automations

Automate processes

Achieve 20% increase in productivity with automation by streamlining the ordering process

Reduce research time

Enable real-time data throughout the procurement journey to receive latest insights

Reconcile payments automatically

Automate four-way reconciliation with POs, Invoices, Goods Receipts and Quality Checks to achieve visibility of transactions at any time

Seamless Integration

Integrate with other systems to improve payment compliance and maximize cash flow

Find ease and simplicity

Integrate with leading ERP and accounting systems globally

Monitor goods E2E

Track goods from source to delivery to payment on a single, dedicated platform

Ensure on-time payments

Receive timely reminders and improve payment compliance to 93%

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