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Manage Settings


What is a checklist? Where does it apply?

Checklists help users ensure that critical criteria have been met as per defined parameters, at every relevant step of the workflow.

Checklists can be created per item for GR and QC flows. Admin(s) create checklist templates by defining input fields, input types, and whether or not they are mandatory. User(s) doing GR and QC flows must fill these checklists as defined by Admin.

To add multiple checklists for GR and QC, subscribe to the Customization/Savings & Automation or Comprehensive Support plans.

What are custom fields? Where do they apply?

FactWise empowers users to add custom fields to certain documents as per their specific requirements. Custom fields can be added at two levels — either by any non-Admin user while creating a specific RFQ, or by Admin(s) as a setting that compulsorily applies to documents created by any user within that entity.

The option to allow or disallow non-Admin users to add custom fields to RFQs is a setting which can be toggled by Admin.

For each Admin-set custom field, Admin(s) can define input type and whether or not it is mandatory. These fields can be added to:

  • Events (RFQs)
  • Invoices, per invoice item batch
  • GR, per invoice item batch
  • QC, per invoice item batch

To avail of this full spectrum of customization functionality, subscribe to the Customization/Savings & Automation or Comprehensive Support plans.

Why are custom fields settings disabled on my Settings page?

Custom fields features are available on the Customizations plan. Please check your pricing plan and subscription, and upgrade if required.



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