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Request Invoice Item Termination

Request Invoice Item Termination with a single click

Step-by-step Guide

When no payment has been made for the item:

  1. From the invoice summary page, click on the 3 dot menu of the item for which termination has to be requested and click Terminate.⁠
  2. The popup to request termination opens. Enter the reason for requesting termination and click the Request termination button.⁠


What happens when termination is requested for an invoice item?

GR, QC and Payments cannot be performed on the invoice item with a termination request. The termination request is either cancelled by the buyer or accepted by the supplier.

What are the minimum and maximum quantities for which item termination can be requested?
  • Minimum quantity: The unpaid quantity
  • Maximum quantity: The pending quantity for an invoice item (Invoiced quantity - GR Rejected - QC Rejected)
What happens when the termination request for an item is accepted?

Accepting a termination request terminates the invoice item. GR, QC and Payments cannot be performed on this item.

Can a termination request be created as soon as an invoice has been received?

Yes, termination requests can be generated via the Options 3-dot menu on the Invoice Summary page whenever the user wishes to.

How do I know which items have termination requests and which items are on hold?

Under the Status column on Invoice Summary page, items with termination request show a red dot, and items on hold show an orange dot. The same visual cues appear on GR and QC dashboards too.

How can I accept termination requested on an item?

From the invoice summary page, click the Options 3-dot menu for the item for which you wish to accept termination request. A popup will come up to enable the action.



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