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Add Items

Build your item directory on FactWise to add items to RfQs

Step-by-step Guide

From the Items dashboard

  1. Click the plus button on the right of the search bar.⁠
  2. Fill the item details.
  3. Click save. The item gets added to the item directory.⁠
  4. To add preferred vendors for the item, search for the vendor that you want to set as preferred for the item.⁠
  5. The vendor(s) get added as preferred vendors for the item.


How are items added to the Item Directory?

The Item Directory can be populated in two ways: either by adding items individually or by importing them in bulk via a csv file. To add a single item, click the add/plus icon on the top right of the Item Directory page and then fill all mandatory fields on the Add Items page. To add multiple items simultaneously, click the bulk import icon, generate a template per your requirements, and upload it with all necessary item data. The newly added items will be visible on the Item Directory page.

Why is the save button disabled on the Add Item page?

Input errors lead to disabled buttons. Possible errors include:

  • Missing inputs in mandatory fields like item name, code, and measurement units
  • A specification name has been added but the input is missing for the specification value
  • A custom ID name has been added but the input is missing for the value
What are item specifications?

Item specifications are attributes added to an item as details and to differentiate similar items within a category. These are visible to the vendor when items are added to an RFQ.

What are preferred vendors for an item? How can I add them?

Preferred vendors for an item are those who supply that item. Each item can have n number of preferred vendors. Preferred vendors can be defined via the bulk import csv file or from the Item Details page.

How can I import several items at once? Can I import items in bulk?

Yes, FactWise offers a bulk item import feature to populate item directories with ease. Click the bulk import icon on the top right of the Items dashboard to begin the process. Generate a csv template for your item directory by specifying the maximum number of the following per item: measurement units, identifications, specifications, and preferred vendors. Open the auto-downloaded csv file and populate the spreadsheet as per field titles in the third row, and explanations and examples in the top two rows of each column. User inputs commence row 4 onwards.

Some fields may allow multiple values. In order to do this, n columns need to be added for the same field, if it has n values. For example, if item A has two measurement units - kgs and liters, two columns should be added for measurement units, with values ‘kgs’ and ‘liters’ respectively.

Note: The additional column for a particular field should be added directly to right next of the corresponding column and not at any other place.

When your spreadsheet is accurately populated, attach it to the Bulk Item Import popover and click Upload. Resolve errors, if any, and then access the newly added items via the Items dashboard.

Can I upload my item directory in a different format?

Currently, it is necessary to use the csv template format provided by FactWise. Please ensure:

  • Column names have not been changed
  • Column order has not been changed (adding columns where required should not modify the order of the columns that precede or succeed the newly added ones)
  • No column should be deleted
  • Data has been populated using the guidelines provided in rows 1 and 2 of the template
What happens if the uploaded file has errors?

In case an uploaded file template has errors, users will see a preview page of the entire spreadsheet with errors highlighted in red. Double-click the cell with the error (red fill) to resolve the error on that page itself and then click the Re-Upload button. Alternatively, make necessary modifications on the csv file locally and re-attach it to the Bulk Item Import popup.

What are the possible errors that can occur while uploading an item spreadsheet?

Check the following fields and conditions for item upload errors:

  • Item name field requires valid input
  • Measurement unit(s) must be non-blank and as per the list of options provided
  • For Specifications and Identifiers, either the name has been added without the value, or the value without the name. Both name and value columns must be filled
  • Procurement Entity Name must exactly match the name of the procurement entity as registered on FactWise
  • Currency code is inaccurate
  • Inaccuracies in Preferred Vendor Code
How can I assign an item to multiple entities?

To assign the same item to n entities, add n rows duplicating all item details and make sure to appropriately modify the Procurement Entity Name column to reflect each entity the item is to be assigned to.



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