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Create GR for FactWise Invoices

Create simplified, accurate, comprehensive goods receipts within moments

Step-by-step Guide

  1. From the Goods Receipt Dashboard, select the invoice for which you want to create a goods receipt. ⁠
  2. This opens the Create GRN Page. Enter the accepted quantity for each batch of the invoice item.⁠
  3. Click on review rejections to view the rejected quantity. ⁠
  4. In case of any rejections, add a rejection reason by clicking on the note icon.⁠
  5. Select the item(s) you want to create a goods receipt for and click on Create GR button.⁠


Why is the Create GR button disabled even though all GR-accepted quantity fields have been filled?

Form submission buttons are disabled when user inputs are either incomplete or invalid. To activate the button, please confirm the following:

  • GR items have been selected using the checkboxes on the left of the item name
  • GR accepted quantity does not exceed the Invoiced quantity
  • GR accepted quantity does not exceed the Pending PO quantity
  • Reasons have been added for any rejected quantities, using the form icon next to the rejected quantity field
What is the PO Pending quantity? When creating GRs, why can this quantity not be exceeded?

Pending PO quantity is the remainder of the PO quantity that is yet to be delivered. To ensure that over-delivery does not occur, GRs must be created only for quantities totaling less than or equal to the Pending PO quantity.

Where can GRs be viewed?

GRs can be found on the GR dashboard either from the Past tab or from the search bar (using Invoice ID or PO ID).

What is the maximum quantity that I can accept while doing a GR?

If the invoiced quantity < PO Pending quantity, then the maximum acceptable quantity for a GR is the invoiced quantity.

If the invoiced quantity > PO Pending quantity, then the maximum acceptable quantity for a GR is the PO Pending quantity.

How do I search a GR for a particular invoice?

Search the relevant invoice ID on the past tab of the GR dashboard.

What are the different ways of creating a GR?

GR can be done in the following ways:

  • Clicking the invoice from the Pending tab of the GR dashboard
  • Clicking Create GR from the GR dashboard, selecting the PO and then selecting a corresponding invoice, or adding a new invoice for which a GR is to be created.
How can I add batches for a GR for which an invoice doesn’t exist in the FactWise system?

Batches can be added by clicking the plus icon on the right within the item component.

What happens when a delivery occurs with invoiced quantity for a batch > PO pending quantity for that item?

The user creating a Goods Receipt would not be able to confirm acceptance of a quantity larger than the PO pending quantity.

How do I fill the checklist for an item while creating a Goods Receipt?

Users may need to fill one or multiple checklists per item as defined in Admin settings.

Checklist can be filled for an item by clicking the checklist icon near the item name while creating a GR. All mandatory fields for a checklist must be filled in order to create the GR.

What is GR tolerance?

Buyers can set tolerance limits for each item, up to 10%. This means that the stipulated proportion of the total item quantity can be considered as accepted even if it does not match the Goods Receival requirements. Quantities registered under tolerance are not considered to be rejections and are included in payments. GR tolerance is calculated on the total item quantity and not per batch. For example, if the GR tolerance is 10%, item quantity is 200 units in two batches of 100 each, then tolerance quantity is 20 units, and it’s possible that batch 1 has tolerance as 20 while batch 2 has 0.

What is the difference between provisional invoices and other documents like delivery references or challans?

Provisional invoices simply need to be confirmed to become ongoing invoices. When there is a delivery reference or other document, invoices need to be created against it — this can be done very quickly and easily on FactWise, as most fields are auto-filled for the user’s ease. Users can access invoices and documents requiring action from the Drafts tab of the Invoices dashboard.

What happens when some quantity is rejected during goods receipt?

FW tracks RFQ quantities end-to-end from Events to Purchase Orders, Invoices, Goods Receipts, Quality Checks, and Payments.

Buyers have the flexibility to choose how to handle rejected quantities.

If a new delivery is requested, the supplier can create a new invoice against the requested quantity. If the rejected quantity is terminated, no further actions can be taken by either side.

Payment flows are optimized to ensure buyers pay only for accepted quantities.



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