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Add Identifications

Set up your entity information and get verified

Step-by-step Guide

From the entity details page,

  1. Click the plus button on the right of search bar.
  2. Fill the identification details. Upload a proof by clicking the plus button document for verification purposes.⁠
  3. Set the identification as default to add it by default to POs and Invoices
  4. Click save to save the identification. The identification gets added with a “Verification Pending” status. ⁠


What are entity identifications and where are they used?

Entity identifications include official identifications, like (EIN, TAN, etc). These differ basis the geographical location of entities as they follow government and industry regulations. This data appears on documents like Purchase Orders, Invoices, and so on. Each entity must have at least one identification, and default identifications are those that will always appear on documents.

How can I verify my entity?

Submit a verification document (see this list of options) to commence the verification process. FactWise will verify your document within (x time period)



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