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Apr 28, 2022 | Procurement tools and solutions

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Apr 28, 20223 min read

E-purchasing streamlines procurement processes and offers numerous benefits for businesses, including cost savings, increased efficiency, reduced human error, and improved supplier relationships. Automated purchase order systems can help companies reduce labor costs, improve productivity, and access a wider variety of suppliers and products. E-purchasing also provides a secure platform for making purchases, with encrypted transactions and easy integration with accounting software.

As the world of business becomes increasingly digital, it’s important for companies to keep up with the times. One way to ensure that your business is staying ahead of the game is by utilizing e-purchasing for purchase orders. E-purchasing has become an indispensable tool for streamlining procurement processes, and has numerous benefits that can help businesses of all sizes. 

Streamlining the Purchasing Process with E-Purchasing 

E-purchasing is a great way to streamline and simplify the procurement process. By using a web-based platform like FactWise for purchasing and tracking orders, businesses can easily manage their purchases from a single location. This makes it easier to keep track of incoming orders and invoices, as well as monitor the delivery of goods and services. Companies can also set up automated processes for ordering and tracking items, making it easy to stay on top of their inventory. FactWise empowers teams with visibility, control and improved collaboration across the entire end-to-end procurement journey with no need for Excel or emails, right from RfX creation, management and analytics, supplier selection and supplier performance analytics, data-driven negotiations and allocations, PO creation and management, order tracking via intuitive, customizable workflows for goods receival and multiple quality checks, to accurate, on-time payments accounting for rejections in previous stages.  

E-purchasing also helps businesses save time and money by eliminating the need for manual paperwork. With an e-purchasing system, businesses can store all purchase orders, invoices, and other documents in a single digital platform. This allows them to quickly locate and retrieve documents when needed, reducing the amount of time that would otherwise be spent manually processing paperwork. FactWise ensures accuracy and reduced errors due to the almost eradication of repetitive, manual low-value-add tasks like data entry across documents. 

In addition, e-purchasing systems can help businesses reduce their environmental impact by eliminating the need for paper-based documents. By using digital documents, businesses can reduce their paper consumption and help to protect the environment. 

Several companies have implemented e-purchasing and have seen positive results. For example, Oracle reported a 15% reduction in purchase order processing time and a 20% reduction in purchasing costs as a result of implementing an e-purchasing platform. Another company, Procter & Gamble, reported a 50% reduction in the time required to process purchase orders and a 30% reduction in purchase order processing costs after implementing e-purchasing. 

Reducing Cost and Increasing Efficiency with E-Purchasing 

One of the major advantages of using e-purchasing is its cost savings. Because e-purchasing systems are automated, businesses can reduce their costs associated with manual processing. This includes reduced labor costs and increased efficiency since orders can be placed, tracked, and organized with minimal effort. Additionally, businesses can reduce costs related to inventory management since they can easily track items being ordered. FactWise helps organizations unlock savings potential and reduce costs by up to 25%. 

E-purchasing also increases productivity by eliminating the need for multiple people to work on a single purchase order. With an automated system, all orders can be handled from a single location, allowing more time to be spent focusing on other aspects of the business. This can be especially helpful for companies that need to quickly process orders or keep close tabs on their inventory. FactWise enables teams to improve efficiency by up to 20%. 

E-purchasing also offers businesses the ability to access a larger variety of suppliers and products. By using an e-purchasing system, businesses can quickly compare prices and find the best deals on the products they need. This can help businesses save money and increase their profits. FactWise enables supplier discovery and helps organizations prioritize preferred vendors.  

Reducing Human Error with E-Purchasing 

E-purchasing systems are also beneficial in reducing human errors. Since all steps of the purchasing process are automated, there’s little room for mistakes. This helps to ensure that orders are accurate and fulfilled in a timely manner. Additionally, most e-purchasing systems offer audit trails, which allow businesses to quickly view changes made to orders over time. 

E-purchasing systems also provide a secure platform for businesses to make purchases. All transactions are encrypted, which helps to protect sensitive information from being accessed by unauthorized parties. Furthermore, e-purchasing systems can be integrated with existing accounting software, making it easier to track and manage spending. 

In conclusion, e-purchasing provides numerous benefits to companies, including increased efficiency, improved supplier relationships, and cost savings. By automating the purchase order process and providing real-time access to pricing information, e-purchasing can help companies streamline their procurement activities and reduce costs associated with manual purchase order processes. Companies can implement e-purchasing platforms to realize these benefits and improve their purchasing operations. 

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Stawan is the founder and CEO of FactWise. Before founding FactWise, Stawan was the NA TMT-Procurement Leader at McKinsey. Passionate about procurement, Stawan has 15 years’ experience in enabling clients of all sizes to achieve business impact via procurement.


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