Cloud Computing: Future-Proofing Procurement

Sep 27, 2021 | Future of procurement

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Cloud computing streamlines procurement processes, improves collaboration, enhances security, provides scalability, and reduces costs. Adopting cloud-based procurement systems leads to increased productivity, reduced costs, and better alignment with changing business needs. Choose a trusted cloud solution that fits your organization's specific needs and consider security and regulatory compliance.

Cloud computing has become a crucial tool in streamlining and modernizing procurement processes. Future-proofing procurement strategies to enable businesses and institutions to be more effective and efficient with their procurement needs is possible by leveraging the advantages of cloud computing. Cloud computing is a cost-effective strategy to increase visibility and control of the procurement process, reducing the manual and laboratorial efforts needed to manage the process. 

Cloud Computing: The Next Step for Future-Proofing Procurement 

In today's world, procurement processes need to be adapted and evolved to stay relevant and competitive. Cloud computing can be the most efficient way to stay ahead of the competition. The flexibility and scalability that cloud computing offers lets businesses quickly adapt their processes and expand capabilities to match changing conditions with ease. By using cloud computing, businesses can significantly reduce the time needed to manage their procurement processes, leading to a much more dynamic and efficient approach. 

Cloud computing also provides businesses with access to a wide range of data and analytics tools that can be used to gain insights into their procurement processes. This data can be used to identify areas of improvement and to develop strategies for optimizing procurement operations. Additionally, cloud computing can help businesses reduce costs by eliminating the need for expensive hardware and software investments. By leveraging the power of the cloud, businesses can ensure that their procurement processes are future-proofed and ready to meet the demands of the ever-changing business landscape. 

Unlocking the Benefits of Cloud Computing for Procurement 

Here are a few examples that illustrate the benefits of cloud computing for procurement: 

  • Increased efficiency: Cloud-based procurement systems can automate many manual processes, such as requisition creation, purchase order generation, invoice processing, and payment authorization. For example, an organization can use a cloud-based procurement system to automate the requisition process. When a requisition is submitted, the system can automatically check the budget, send notifications to the relevant stakeholders, and generate a purchase order once it is approved. 
  • Improved collaboration: Cloud computing enables procurement teams to collaborate and share information in real-time, regardless of location. For example, a procurement team in different locations can use a cloud-based platform to share information about suppliers, contracts, and spend data. This can help improve decision-making and increase the speed of procurement processes. 
  • Enhanced security: Cloud providers have specialized security measures in place to protect sensitive information, reducing the risk of data breaches. For example, cloud providers typically use encryption and multi-factor authentication to protect customer data. This can provide peace of mind for procurement organizations handling confidential information, such as supplier and pricing information. 
  • Scalability: Cloud computing allows procurement organizations to scale their operations quickly and easily, without the need for significant investment in hardware and infrastructure. For example, during peak periods, an organization can quickly add more computing power and storage capacity to its procurement system, ensuring that it can handle increased demand without slowing down. 
  • Cost savings: By using cloud computing, procurement organizations can reduce their IT costs, as they no longer need to invest in expensive hardware and software. For example, an organization can reduce its IT expenses by using a cloud-based procurement system, as it does not need to maintain and upgrade the infrastructure and software required for a traditional on-premise procurement system. 

By adopting cloud-based procurement systems, organizations can streamline their procurement processes, improve decision-making, and increase the speed of their operations. This can lead to increased productivity, reduced costs, and better alignment with the changing needs of the business. However, it is important to choose a cloud solution that fits the specific needs of your organization and to work with a trusted cloud provider. It is also important to consider security and privacy concerns, as well as the implications of data sovereignty and regulatory compliance. In the future, cloud computing is likely to play an increasingly important role in procurement and supply chain management, helping organizations to become more agile, efficient, and effective. 

In conclusion, cloud computing has the potential to significantly improve procurement operations and provide a range of benefits. By automating manual processes, improving collaboration, enhancing security, providing scalability, and reducing costs, cloud computing can help procurement organizations become more efficient, agile, and effective. 

FactWise Source-to-Pay is a cloud-based procurement platform that transforms the journey for buyers and suppliers globally. At FactWise, we are committed to building truly distinctive procurement software solutions that delight users and provide sustainable positive impact to the organizations we serve. We do this by providing transparency and insights to leaders (31% increase in governance), streamlining and automating processes to improve efficiency (20% increase in efficiency), and driving bottom-line impact by unlocking savings potential (25% cost reduction for direct spend).  

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Stawan is the founder and CEO of FactWise. Before founding FactWise, Stawan was the NA TMT-Procurement Leader at McKinsey. Passionate about procurement, Stawan has 15 years’ experience in enabling clients of all sizes to achieve business impact via procurement.


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